May all your weeds be wildflowers
I got fire in my eyes, country in my veins and bleed red, white and blue. ......................................................
Trish. Pennsylvania. Country Things. Rodeos. Mountains. Bonfires. Cowboys. Outdoors. Small Towns.
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longlineofrednecks said: Share 10 things about yourself and send to your 10 favorite followers(:

  1. I don’t like people touching my belly button
  2. I want to move north
  3. The mountains are my second home
  4. I HATE soup it makes me gag
  5. Currently re-reading A Child Called It
  6. I almost always have a candle burning in my room (Fall scents are my favorite)
  7. Brantley.Gilbert.
  8. I’m a Preschool Teachers’ Assistant
  9. Lilly Pulitzer is my favorite designer
  10. I live in slippers and uggs from October-April


Anonymous said: Y'all's relationship reminds me of Mary's song by taylor swift idk why!

Aww it’s perfect! :) 

Anonymous said: Tell us how you met your boyfriend!

I’m dating a guy named Wade! I met him through my brother since we all went to the same high school.

I’ve known him since I was a freshman, he was one of my brothers best friends growing up..but I never thought of him as anything but that. We would all go camping and to different events like truck pulls, hang out at bonfires or up to our lake house for the weekend with him. We drank at his house a lot and partied out back. He was always with us and I never thought of him as anything more than a friend…at all. I was always dating someone since i knew him so I never really had the chance to. And both ex’s called me and him getting together eventually (I never saw it coming)! About 6 or so months ago I broke up with my last boyfriend (Praise the Good Lord) and Wade pretty much swooped me off my feet.

When I was single I started hanging out with that group of friends again (which he was in). I had already bought a prom dress and needed a date..one night I basically demanded he take me…keep in mind I’ve known him for years but never really talked to him sober. He looked like a deer in the headlights so I dropped it and was embarrassed for even bringing it up. A few nights later he came to my house at midnight and asked me to prom (as friends). I of course, said yes!

Inbetween prom we went on a ton of fishing dates, hikes and hung out more..he took me to ringing rocks-a hiking spot and we sat ontop of a waterfall for hours just talking. I was so happy I barley remember what we talked about. Then he asked if I wanted to make it official and I said YES! 

He’s one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met. He works so incredibly hard and has such an amazing family. I’ve never met someone as honest and loyal as him. Plus…how could I resist that beard of his? ;)

Anonymous said: You look carefully at the video you can see Tony trying to turn the car away from him but the dirt caught his back tires and swung him into that kid. It wasn't Tony ' s fault. He would never purposely try to kill someone.

Exactly. It’s all a bunch of bull…crap.

Anonymous said: Does your boyfriend shave his shave that way or does it grow like that?

shave his shave? his mustache he shaves and sometimes under his neck but that’s it